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日 本 語 / E n g l i s h
◆Tickets for this show will be a ticket exchange voucher and you will not be able to select a seat at the time of purchase.
Your seat assignment number shall be advised at the venue on show day.
Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo
Nov 05 2018
Open 17:30 / Start 18:30 (TBC)

Ticket Price

38,500 JPY
*Currency: Japanese Yen (tax included)
*A ticket per person is necessary.
*You can purchase up to 4tickets.


*You will receive a special seat assigned ticket on show day of Monday, November 5th, at Ryogoku Kokugikan.
*No inquiries on seat assignments shall be accepted.
*In case of purchasing multiple tickets, please note there may be a chance for your seats to be assigned in vertical rows or with an aisie in between.
*Presenting your ID card at the entrance shall be requested toward all attendees.
*Tickets will not be reissued under any circumstances whatsoever.

Pick up Method

  • Will Call
    (Pick up tickets at the Box Office on the day of the show.)

    Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo : At the tent at the main entrance area(4:30PM-6:30PM)

    Please have the confirmation e-mail ready on your phone or printed out upon pick-up of your tickets.
    The confirmation e-mail shall be sent from after your purchase is confirmed.
    You may be requested to present your ID upon pick-up.

    Handling Fee: There will be no handling fee charged using the Will Call pick up method.
  • Pickup at Outlet
    (at any Seven Eleven Stores in Japan)

    You are able to pick up your tickets after 48 hours from your purchase until the day of the show.
    (1)You will receive an “Online Ticket Pick Up Voucher” after your purchase.
    (2)Please print out the voucher or note your Voucher Number and show it at the cashier at Seven Eleven stores.
    (3)Handling fee of 108 JPY per ticket is required to issue your ticket(s).

    Search Seven Eleven Store:

    Handling Fee: 108 JPY per ticket is required to pick up tickets at Seven Eleven Stores.

Payment Method

  • Pay by Credit Card


Note:Credit Card Billing Statement will be recorded as "E-TIX ONLINE TICKET".


  • You cannot cancel after you have made your purchase.
    Please review the ticket you have selected and billing information when confirming your purchase.
  • If the button to “Buy Tickets” is not displayed properly even after the On-sale date, please refresh the page or clear your browser's cache (temporary internet file) and open the page again.
  • Please complete your purchase within 15 minutes after displaying the “Review Your Selection” page. If your purchase is not completed in 15 minutes, your selected ticket(s) will go back into inventory.
  • Please do not use multiple windows to process the purchase, or click on your browser's back button as your purchase may not process correctly.
  • A confirmation will be e-mailed to you after your purchase. In order to receive this without failure, please ensure you add in your address book.
  • Please understand that in case the show is cancelled, the handling fee of 108 JPY paid at Seven Eleven Stores will not be returned.

Password and Code

You will be asked to enter a “Password” after Clicking the “Buy Tickets” button.
The password is distrbuted through

You will be asked to enter a “code” after selecting the number of tickets. Please enter the code (6 letters) which will be displayed in a "CAPTCHA Letter" box.
In case the website is under heavy access, a countdown will start to tic. Once the count down is over, you will be connected to the next page.
Please note there shall be no guarantee of securing (a) ticket (s) until you complete your purchase, even after your count down is over.