Kiyosumi Gardens Numbered Ticket Reservation

日本語 / English
As of November 15th, there will be a change in the way to enter Kiyosumi Gardens.
・Reservations are not required on weekdays.
・Advance reservations are accepted on weekends and holidays.
・Depending on the number of reservations and the level of crowdedness, you may be able to visit the garden without a reservation. However, on the day of your visit, you will be restricted from entering the garden if it is overly crowded.
・We recommend that you make a reservation in advance to guarantee your visit to the garden.
・We appreciate your continued cooperation to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

[Kiyosumi Gardens] Apply for a numbered ticket

  • 【From June 4, 2021】Currently, please use the numbered ticket to enter Kiyosumi Gardens smoothly. You can apply for it on this website. To enter the garden, you will need an admission ticket as well.
  • Numbered tickets are available for free online starting every Monday at 10:00 am for next week from the following Monday through Sunday.
  • Please note: You need to buy admission tickets after having your numbered tickets checked at the entrance gate.


Hours 9:00 - 17:00 (Entry until 16:30)
Closed Year-end holidays
(December 29 to January 1)

For more information, please refer to Let’s go to the Gardens Kiyosumi Gardens Home Page.

Entrance fee
General 150 yen / 65 years old and over 70 yen
(No charge for primary school children or younger, and junior high school students living or attending school in Tokyo)
*20% discount for groups of 20 and more
*Holders of a disability certificate issued in Japan do not need a numbered ticket. Show the certificate at the entrance.
[Kiyosumi Gardens only annual passport] General 600 yen / 65 years and over 280 yen
[Annual passport common to 9 gardens] General 4,000 yen / 65 years old and over 2,000 yen
*No expiry date
*Holders of a disability certificate issued in Japan do not need a numbered ticket. Show the certificate at the entrance.
*In case of temporary closure of the park after reservation, please note that your reservation will be voided.

Please note

An "Reservation Confirmation Email" will be sent after you complete your reservation. Please ensure you can receive emails from
The entrance closes at 4:30 pm. You cannot enter the garden after that.
Bring this numbered ticket and photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport. This numbered ticket and photo ID will be checked at the entrance.
This numbered ticket (or a QR code) is only valid for one person for the date and time stipulated.
In order to enter the garden, you need to purchase an admission ticket or show your annual passport or advanced ticket after checking this numbered ticket.
Resale of this numbered ticket for commercial purpose is prohibited.
When you visit us, please keep these rules in mind
・Wear a face covering.
・Practice social distancing.
・Do not visit the garden if you are not feeling well.
・We will measure the temperature when you enter the garden. Those with a body temperature of 37.5℃ or higher will not be admitted.
・Avoid crowds.
・Sanitize your hands when entering and wash your hands frequently.
・Make room for other visitors during peak hours.
※Garden staff also take off their face coverings when they are able to keep enugh distance from others. They wear face coverings when they talk with visitors to prevent infection.

How to enter the garden

Purchase an admission ticket at the ticket counter, or enter the garden with your annual passport or advance ticket.

  • Show Ticket on Smartphone

    Show ticket barcode on confirmation page after reservation or use the link received in your reservation confirmation email.
    One QR code will be displayed per person for each ticket.
    Please ensure your phone has enough battery on the day of visit.
  • Print At Home

    Print out ticket on confirmation page after reservation or print out later from the link received in your reservation confirmation email.
    One ticket will be issued per person.
    Print out ticket on A4 or Letter size paper.
    Please confirm that the QR code and serial number are printed clearly on your ticket.
    Black and white printing is sufficient.

About cancel

If you wish to cancel due to your circumstances, please complete the cancellation form below.

  • Caution
    Cancel request will be accepted until 9:00 am on the day of your visit. Cancel request after the acceptance period cannot be accepted.
    Please ensure you can receive emails from "" "".
    There is no cancellation fee.
    Cancellation is applicable on each order level. If you order multiple tickets with one order, all tickets will be cancelled.
    Please note that cancelling the cancel request is not possible.
  • Cancellation procedure
    (1) Enter the "email address" used when applying for the numbered ticket and "order number" on the cancellation form.
    (2) "Self-Service refund confirmation" email will be sent. *The cancellation procedure has not been completed yet.
    (3) Open the URL delivered in the "Self-Service refund confirmation".
    (4) The order details to cancel will be displayed.
    (5) After confirming the details of the order, submit cancel.
    (6) Confirmation page will be displayed, the cancellation procedure is complete. "Cancel Confirmation" email will be sent.

Click here for cancellation form


  • Please review carefully your ticket selection and billing information entered before submitting your order.
  • If the "Reserve Numbered Tickets" button is not displayed after the on-sale period start time, please refresh the page or clear your browser’s cache (temporary Internet file) and open the Online Tickets page again.
  • Please complete your reservation within 15 minutes from displaying the Review Your Selection page. Please note that after 15 minutes your reservation will time-out and selected tickets will go back to inventory.
  • Please do not use multiple windows to process the reservation, or click on your browser’s back button. It may not process correctly.
  • A link to display your ticket will be emailed to you after reservation. Please add "" to your address book to ensure it gets delivered.