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超歌舞伎2022 Powered by NTT

S Seat   13,000 JPY
A Seat   9,000 JPY
B Seat   5,000 JPY
C Seat   2,000 JPY
D Seat   1,000 JPY
*Tax included.


Aug 13 (Sat) - Aug 16 (Tue), 2022

On Sale

Jun 15 (Wed), 2022 10:00am JST

氷川きよし 特別公演

Premium Kiyo Seat 30,000 JPY
Kiyo Seat      20,500 JPY
S Seat       16,500 JPY
A Seat       10,000 JPY
B Seat         6,500 JPY
*Ticket is required from
 children aged 6 years old.


Sep 5 (Mon) - Sep 15 (Thu), 2022


・Premium Kiyo Seat (Original ticket with special goods / The front two rows in the 1st floor seat area) 30,000 JPY
・Kiyo Seat (With original special goods / Seats in the 1st floor up to the row 9)20,500 JPY
・S Seat (Seats in the 1st floor and seats in the row 1 to row 6 in the 2nd floor / Accessible seating area)16,500 JPY
・A Seat (Seats in the row 7 to row 11 in the 2nd floor)10,000 JPY
・B Seat(Seats in the row 12 in the 2nd floor)6,500 JPY
 *Kiyo Seat will be sold from the back row of the Premium Kiyo Seat.
 *Ticket is required from children aged 6 years old.

On Sale

Jul 19 (Tue), 2022 10:00am JST

舟木一夫 御園座 特別コンサート2022

A Seat   11,000 JPY
B Seat   9,000 JPY
C Seat   7,000 JPY
*Tax included.
*Preschool children are
not allowed to enter


Sep 22 (Thu) - Sep 23 (Fri), 2022

On Sale

Jul 22 (Fri), 2022 10:00am JST


S Seat   14,500 JPY
A Seat   9,500 JPY
B Seat   5,000 JPY
*Tax included.
*Preschool children are
not allowed to enter


Nov 12 (Sat) - Nov 20 (Sun), 2022

On Sale

Aug 20 (Sat), 2022 10:00am JST

Delivery Method

  • Pickup at Outlet (Pickup at Seven Eleven Store in Japan)

    Ticket pick up period for each payment method
    [Credit Card] Available to pick up after 48hrs from the purchase time to the day of performance.
    [Pay at Outlet] Available to pick up until 9PM two days after purchase date. Order will be voided after expiration.
    (1)You will receive "Online Ticket Pick Up Voucher" after purchase.
    (2)Print the voucher out or note Voucher Number and bring it to Seven Eleven Store.
    (3)Ask cash register for issue ticket(s). After the payment of the Handling Fee your ticket(s) will be issued.
    Handling Fee:
    110 JPY per ticket(s)

Payment Method

Please note that you can not change the payment method after purchase.

  • Pay by Credit Card


Note:Credit Card Billing Statement will be recorded as "E-TIX ONLINE TICKET".
  • Pay at Outlet

  • Seven Eleven Store in Japan

Handling Fee:
165 JPY per order
Due Date: 9PM two days after purchase date


  • You cannot cancel after you have made your purchase.
    Please review carefully on your ticket selection and billing information entered before submit an order.
    Please complete your purchase in 15min.from the Review Your Selection page has been displayed. Please note that after 15min. your purchase will be time-out and selected ticket will go back to inventory.
    Please do not use more than one window to process the purchase.It may not process correctly.
    A link to display your ticket voucher will be emailed to you after purchase. Please add "ticket.e-tix.jp@etix.com" to your address book to ensure it gets delivered.