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150th Anniversary Special Exhibition
Tokyo National Museum: Its History and National Treasures

University Students
High School Students
Free Time-Designated Ticket

About Ticket

Reservations (date and time) are required to visit the special exhibition.
You canft buy any tickets at the ticket booths by the main gate of the Tokyo National Museum.


Release date
Exhibition Period:
  • October 18(Tue)to October 30(Sun),
    the ticket sales at 10 :00 a.m. on October 4(Tue)
  • November 1(Tue)to November 13(Sun),
    the ticket sales at 10 :00 a.m. on October 18(Tue)
  • November 15(Tue)to November 27(Sun),
    the ticket sales at 10 :00 a.m. on November 1(Tue)
  • November 29 (Tue)to December 11(Sun),
    the ticket sales at 10 :00 a.m. on November 15(Tue)
October 18 (Tue) to December 11 (Sun)  December 18 (Sun) 2022
9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
9:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. ¦Only Fridays and Saturdays
¦The special exhibition will be extend its opening hours until 8:00 p.m. on November 17(Thu), 20(Sun), 23(Wed), 27(Sun), December 1(Thu), 4(Sun), 8(Thu) and 11(Sun)
¦December 13(Tue) - December 18(Sun) : 9:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
①  9:30 a.m.`10:30 a.m.
② 10:30 a.m.`11:30 a.m.
③ 11:30 a.m.`12:30 p.m.
④ 12:30 p.m.`1:30 p.m.
⑤ 1:30 p.m.`2:30 p.m.
⑥ 2:30 p.m.`3:30 p.m.
⑦ 3:30 p.m.`4:30 p.m.
⑧ 4:30 p.m.`5:30 p.m. ¦
⑨ 5:30 p.m.`6:30 p.m. ¦
⑩ 6:30 p.m.`7:30 p.m. ¦
¦Only Fridays, Saturdays, November 17(Thu), 20(Sun), 23(Wed), 27(Sun), December 1(Thu), 4(Sun), 8(Thu) and 11(Sun)
¦The museum will be temporarily open on December 5 (The regular exhibition will not be open.)
¦For more information, please refer to the exhibition's website.
Adults ¥2,000 / University Students ¥1,200 / High School Students ¥900

  • Reservations (date and time) are required for the special exhibition.
    The following visitors are also requested to reserve "Free Time-Designated Ticket".
    \Junior high school students and under (including preschool children)
    @¦Student ID must be presented.
    \Visitors who have gFree admission ticketh
    @¦Please bring the gFree admission ticketh.
    \TNM Members(except silver members)
    @¦Memberfs ID must be presented.
    \Visitors who have gSpecial exhibition ticket of Friend of TNMh
    @¦Memberfs ID must be presented.
  • Disabled persons(along with the one assistant) will be admitted for free without reservation. Disabled Personfs Booklet or equivalent form of government issued ID must be presented at the entrance. Last admission 30 minutes before closing.
  • There are no group discounts, senior discounts, and Campas Member's discount.
  • A maximum of five gdate/time ticketsh can be reserved per person at a time.
  • Ticket resale is prohibited.

Please note

An "Order Confirmation Email" will be sent after you complete your purchase. Please ensure you can receive emails from etix.com.
Please click here for information about cancellations.
Each ticket is valid once for one visitor at the specified date and time.
This ticket allows you to visit the regular exhibition only on the day you visit the special exhibition. The regular exhibition will be closed at 5:00 p.m. every day. You can enter the regular exhibition before you visit the special exhibition.
The ticket of regular exhibition will not allow you to enter the special exhibition.
There is no turnover, but to maintain a pleasant viewing environment, it is recommended that visitors spend no more than 90 minutes in the museum, including in the exhibition galleries and special shops.
You can enter the exhibition at any time within the specified time frame. However, congestion is expected with immediately after the start time of each time frame and you may have to wait for admission. We recommend that you arrive a little later than the start time.
To alleviate congestion, please do not come to the special exhibition hall before the specified time.
You canft enter the special exhibition except for the time and day you booked.
This ticket canft be exchanged or reissued.
There will be an exhibition change during the course of exhibition.
The Exhibition schedule, opening hours, events and related information are available on the exhibition website.

Requests to visitors

All visitors and staff are subject to a temperature screening upon arrival. Anyone with a temperature of the normal temperature or higher will not be allowed in the Museum.
Do not enter the Museum if you have a fever, cough, or other symptoms of illness.
If you have come into contact with someone who has Covid-19, or someone who is suspected of being infected with the Covid-19, please refrain from visiting the Museum.
Wear a mask during your visit.
Sanitize your hands prior to viewing the exhibitions using the alcohol spray provided or by washing them with soap and water in a restroom.
Cooperate with each other in sharing the viewing.
Keep conversation to a minimum when inside the exhibition galleries.
Do not to touch the exhibition objects, cases, equipment, or walls.
Additional entry restrictions may apply to certain exhibition galleries.
Please refrain from using writing instruments other than pencils in the exhibition galleries.
Please refrain from taking photographs and using cell phones in the exhibition rooms.
Please refrain from eating or drinking in the exhibition room.
In case of congestion, strollers may not be allowed to be used.
Please follow the instructions of the staff in the galleries and avoid disturbing other visitors.
Please note that you may be asked to wait when the venue is crowded.

Ticket Presentation Method

On the day of visit, please show your ticket by either of the following ways at the entrance.
A museum staff will be scanning your ticket barcode then you can enter the museum.

  • Show Ticket on Smartphone


    Show ticket barcode on confirmation page after purchase or use the link received in your order confirmation email.
    One QR code will be displayed per person for each ticket.
    Please ensure your phone has enough battery on the day of visit.
  • Print At Home


    Print out ticket on confirmation page after purchase or print out later from the link received in your order confirmation email.
    One ticket will be issued per person.
    Print out ticket on A4 or Letter size paper.
    Please confirm that the QR code and serial number are printed clearly on your ticket.
    Black and white printing is sufficient.

Payment Method

  • Pay by Credit Card


NoteFCredit Card Billing Statement will be recorded as "E-TIX ONLINE TICKET".

Additional Information

  • You cannot change after you have made your purchase.
    Please review carefully your ticket selection and billing information entered before submitting your order.
  • If the "Buy Tickets" button is not displayed after the on-sale period start time, please refresh the page or clear your browserfs cache (temporary Internet file) and open the Online Tickets page again.
  • Please complete your purchase within 15 minutes from displaying the Review Your Selection page. Please note that after 15 minutes your purchase will time-out and selected tickets will go back to inventory.
  • Please do not use multiple windows to process the purchase, or click on your browserfs back button. It may not process correctly.
  • A link to display your ticket will be emailed to you after purchase. Please add "ticket.e-tix.jp@etix.com" "support@etix.com" to your address book to ensure it gets delivered.
  • gQR Codeh is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE Incorporated.

About Cancel

The date and time cannot be changed after your reservation.
If you wish to change them, please cancel your reservation and purchase another ticket.
¦Please be sure to check if there are any tickets remaining for the date and time you wish to change. If there are no tickets left, you will not be able to make a reservation.

  • Caution
    Cancel request will be accepted until 11:59 pm (JST) on the day before your visit. Cancel request after the acceptance period cannot be accepted.
    Please ensure you can receive emails from "ticket.e-tix.jp@etix.com" "support@etix.com".
    There is no cancellation fee.
    Cancellation is applicable on each order level. If you order multiple tickets with one order, all tickets will be cancelled.
    Please note that cancelling the cancel request is not possible.
    If you cancel paid admission ticket, the ticket fees will be refunded through your credit card.
  • Cancellation procedure
    (1) Enter the "email address" used when applying for the numbered ticket and "order number" on the cancellation form.
    (2) Refund confirmation email will be sent. *The cancellation procedure has not been completed yet.
    (3) Open the URL delivered in the refund confirmation email.
    (4) The order details to cancel will be displayed.
    (5) After confirming the details of the order, submit cancel.
    (6) Confirmation page will be displayed, the cancellation procedure is complete. "Cancel Confirmation" email will be sent.

Click here for cancellation form