Asia Professional Baseball Championship 2023 presented by CARNEXT

11/16/2023 DoorOpen 11:00
12:00 Korea - Australia
19:00 Chinese Taipei - Japan

11/17/2023 DoorOpen 11:00
12:00 Australia - Chinese Taipei
19:00 Japan - Korea

11/18/2023 DoorOpen 10:00
12:00 Australia - Japan
19:00 Korea - Chinese Taipei

11/19/2023 DoorOpen 9:30
11:00 3rd Place Game
18:00 Finals

Ticket Price/Seating Chart
パソコン用の画像 スマートフォン用の画像


*Tax included
*A convenience fee (220 YEN per ticket) will be added.
*The above seating area may be subject to change.
*Some seat categories are not available on this online ticket.
*Children aged 4 and above require an admission ticket. Also, if you want to secure a seat, you need an admission ticket even if you are under 4 years old.
*The ticket is a "one-day ticket" that allows you to watch two matches each day. For Japan matches, it will be “reserved seating”, and for other teams’ matches, it will be “unreserved seating” within the designated area. The reserved seat number specified on the ticket is valid only for the Japan match.
*For the four matches held on 11/18-19, only the Cheer Stage Seats will be sold as reserved seats throughout the day. If you purchase a Cheer Stage Seat, please sit in the seat number specified on your ticket for both the day game and the night game.
Reserved seat S/A/B/C with uniform

*The image shown is for illustration purpose only.
*The uniform is free size.
*Exchanges can only be made on the day of the match. We will not ship items at a later date.

Please note

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On Sale

Sep 16th(Sat) at 10:00 JST

Delivery Method

Selected method cannot be changed after purchase.

  • Show Ticket QR Code

    Present ticket QR code on smartphone screen or print out the ticket and present on the day of visit. Ticket QR code will be delivered at confirmation page and thank you mail.
    If you use the smartphone screen display, please ensure your phone has enough battery on the day of visit.
    If you print the ticket, please confirm that the QR code and serial number are printed clearly on your ticket.
    Make sure that the entire ticket, such as the event name and ticket type, is printed correctly.
    Please present the QR code for the number of visitors. One QR code will be displayed per person for each ticket.
  • Pickup at Outlet
    (Pickup at Seven Eleven Store in Japan)

    Available to pick up until 9PM two days after purchase date. Order will be voided after expiration.
    (1)You will receive "Online Ticket Pick Up Voucher" after purchase.
    (2)Print the voucher out or note Voucher Number and bring it to Seven Eleven Store.
    (3)Ask cash register for issue ticket(s). After the payment of the Handling Fee your ticket(s) will be issued.
    Handling Fee:
    110 JPY per ticket(s)

Payment Method

Please note that you can not change the payment method after purchase.

  • Pay by Credit Card


Note:Credit Card Billing Statement will be recorded as "E-TIX ONLINE TICKET".
  • Pay at Outlet

  • Seven Eleven Store in Japan

Handling Fee:
165 JPY per order
Due Date: 9PM two days after purchase date


  • You cannot cancel after you have made your purchase.
    Please review carefully on your ticket selection and billing information entered before submit an order.
  • Please complete your purchase in 15min. from the Review Your Selection page has been displayed. Please note that after 15min. your purchase will be time-out and selected ticket will go back to inventory.
  • Please do not use more than one window to process the purchase. It may not process correctly.
  • Please add to your Address Book to ensure the order confirmation email gets delivered.