• In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, please be sure to check the following [Cautions] before purchasing an admission ticket and visiting.

  • 【Cautions】
  • ・In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, those who fall into the following items cannot enter.

  • [1] Those with a poor physical condition including the following (1) to (4) from the past week to the present
    (1) Body temperature 37.5°C or higher
    (2) Strong fatigue
    (3) Cold-like symptoms (cough, sore throat, dyspnea, etc.)
    (4) Abnormalities such as abnormal taste and smell
  • [2] PCR test positive history, (1) In symptomatic persons, less than 10 days from onset date and within 72 hours after symptom relief. (2) After 24 hours after symptom relief, leave an interval of 24 hours or more. 2 PCR tests have not been confirmed to be negative, or (3) Asymptomatic pathogen carriers have less than 10 days after confirmation of negative (4) After 6 days from the sample collection date, an interval of 24 hours or more two negative PCR tests have not been confirmed
  • [3] Staying at home as a close contact person with a person infected
  • [4] Family is staying at home as a close contact person with a person infected
  • [5] The family member has any of [1](1) to (4) illness
  • [6] Less than 14 days after returning from abroad (entering Japan)
  • [7] Person without mask

  • ・If there a person infected with COVID-19 is confirmed among the visitors of the match, in order to contact the spectator who watched the game in the surrounding seats, the name and contact information of the visitors themselves need to be provided in advance. Please print out the entry form and fill out the name of visitor, contact information, seat number on the form and drop it in the designated box at the entrance gate on the day of the match. If you cannot print out the form, please fill out the form at a specified booth near the entrance gate on the day. Click here to print out the entry form
  • ・Please come early to avoid congestion before the start of the match.
  • ・There are thermography and luggage inspection at the time of admission. It may take some time for inspections, so please have a spare time to show up. If you do not cooperate with the temperature measurement at the time of admission, we will refuse admission.
  • ・Please be sure to wear a mask at the stadium, including when you are cheering and when you are not eating or drinking. Please prepare a mask in advance before visit.
  • ・There are restrictions on the time and method of selling alcohol in the stadium. It is also prohibited to bring in.
  • ・Sellers of alcohol will not operate at the stadium.
  • ・Support from the cheering party may be limited. When conducting activities by the cheering party, we will set up a special space that is separate from the surrounding visitors.
  • ・Please refrain from standing up and cheering for the time being to prevent infection.
  • ・Please wash your hands frequently, disinfect your hands with alcohol, and observe cough etiquette. Please use the alcohol disinfection sheet distributed to all visitors and the handwashing spots newly set up in 12 locations inside Tokyo Dome.
  • ・Please decide the destination before you move such as a shop or toilet and reduce move in the stadium as much as possible and please refrain from unnecessary excursions in concourse. Please keep a sufficient distance from people when moving.
  • ・Please refrain from cheering, giving high-touch between spectators, or waving a towel around.
  • ・Please refrain from using megaphones. It will not be sold at the stadium.
  • ・A venue staff member will collect foul balls and home run balls that have flew into\ the stand. To avoid crowding, please refrain from picking up the ball yourself.
  • ・If you feel unwell, please leave stadium without straining yourself.
  • ・Please refrain from contacting athletes, managers, coaches, etc.
  • ・After the game, we will carry out distributed exits to ease congestion at the nearest stations. We appreciate for your understanding and cooperation as we will guide you by announcement.
  • ・Please hold on your ticket for at least 14 days so that you can check your seat number etc. after the game.
  • ・If a positive infection is found by PCR after watching the game, or if it is identified as a close contact person with a person infected, if the day of match falls into 48 hours before the onset of the symptom, or if the day of match was also counted as a day of isolation period after identified as a close contact person with a person infected.
  • ・Other than that, please follow the rules specified by the sponsoring team/stadium.