2024 On-Sale Schedule

・This online ticket only sells tickets for games held at Tokyo Dome.
・The release date will be announced on the Giants' official website once it is determined.

General Public On-Sale Date (JST) Match Up Game Date
2/3(Sat) 11AM Carp 3/19(Tue) - 3/20(Wed)
Baystars 3/22(Fri) - 3/24(Sun)
2/17(Sat) 11AM Carp 3/29(Fri) - 3/31(Sun)
Carp 4/5(Fri) - 4/7(Sun)
Carp 4/12(Fri) - 4/14(Sun)
3/9(Sat) 11AM Carp 4/24(Wed) - 4/25(Thu)
Carp 4/29(Mon) - 5/1(Wed)
3/23(Sat) 11AM Carp 5/3(Fri) - 5/5(Sun)
Carp 5/21(Tue) - 5/22(Wed)
4/13(Sat) 11AM Carp 5/28(Tue) - 5/30(Thu)
Carp 6/4(Tue) - 6/6(Thu)
Carp 6/7(Fri) - 6/9(Sun)
5/11(Sat) 11AM Carp 6/21(Fri) - 6/23(Sun)
Carp 6/28(Fri) - 6/30(Sun)
5/25(Sat) 11AM Carp 7/12(Fri) - 7/14(Sun)
Carp 7/15(Mon) - 7/17(Wed)
6/15(Sat) 11AM Carp 8/2(Fri) - 8/4(Sun)
Carp 8/6(Tue) - 8/8(Thu)
Carp 8/12(Mon) - 8/14(Wed)
7/6(Sat) 11AM Carp 8/20(Tue) - 8/22(Thu)
Carp 8/23(Fri) - 8/25(Sun)
Carp 9/7(Sat) - 9/8(Sun)
7/27(Sat) 11AM Carp 9/14(Sat)
Carp 9/15(Sun) - 9/16(Mon)
Carp 9/18(Wed) - 9/19(Thu)