*GIANTS use the 1st base dugout for each game.
*Ticket Limit is 4 ticket per order.
*Ticket required from elementary school student. Even children under elementary school must have a ticket in order to secure a seat.
*Following games ticket price is 500JPY higher than the pricing below for all seat types except Reserved C (students) tickets. [July 7]

Reserved S 6,500JPY
Reserved A 5,600JPY
Reserved B 4,100JPY
Orange Seat 4,100JPY
Reserved FC with goods 3,100JPY
Reserved FC 2,600JPY
Reserved C with goods 2,900JPY
Reserved C
Reserved C
High school students)
Outfield Reserved
Outfield Reserved
Outfield Reserved
(Left Giants Booster)

*The tax is included in the price.

*Outfield reserved seats and orange seats cannot stand up and cheer for the time being to prevent infection.

*The Outfield Reserved Right, the Left Giants Booster, and the Orange Seat are GIANTS support seats. Cheering action of the opposing team, wearing clothes, and use of cheer goods are not allowed.

*The following seats are not available on this site. [Outfield & Infield Visitor Seat, DAZN Excite Seat, DAZN Excite Easy Seat, Legends Seat]

Reserved FC or C with goods

Ticket comes with a special goods. Please pick up a goods at designated exchange counter. Exchange available from 30min before gate open until bottom of the sixth inning at Exchange Counter in the front of GATE22.