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Special Exhibition Celebrating the 140th Anniversary of Kobayashi Kokei's Birth:
Kobayashi Kokei and Hayami Gyoshū \ Two Influential Masters in the Japanese Modern Art World
20 May (Sat.) 2023 - 17 July (Mon.) 2023


1,400 yen
University and high school students

1,100 yen
Disability ID holders and one person accompanying them

1,200 yen
Disability ID holders and one person accompanying them
(University and high school students)

1,000 yen
Advance or invitation ticket holders

200 yen


The tickets sold on this site are timed tickets for admission to the Special Exhibition Celebrating the 140th Anniversary of Kobayashi Kokei's Birth: Kobayashi Kokei and Hayami Gyoshū \ Two Influential Masters in the Japanese Modern Art World
Timed tickets specify the date and time of entry for your visit.
Online purchases must be made by credit card.


Release date
Tickets for admission from 20 May to 28 May will go on sale at noon on 12 May. After 26 May, tickets will go on sale every Friday at noon for admission during the next week.
(Example: For admmission from 30 May through 4 June, tickets sales start at noon on 26 May.)
10am - 5pm (Last admission at 4:30 pm)
@ 10:00`11:00  A 11:00`12:00  B 12:00`13:00
C 13:00`14:00  D 14:00`15:00  E 15:00`16:00
F 16:00`16:30
Closed on Mondays, except for 17 July.
*For the latest information, please refer to the the the Yamatane Museum of Artfs website.
About tickets
  • University and high school students and disability ID holders must present ID in order to enter the museum.
  • Visitors who already have invitation tickets may make a reservation for a date and time (¥200). When you visit the museum on that date, you must present your invitation ticket as well as your reservation.
  • Middle school and younger children accompanied by an adult who has reserved and purchased a ticket in advance or made a reservation for a date and time, can enter the museum at the same time. A reservation for date and time is not needed for middle school and younger children. Middle school students must, however, present student ID; be sure to bring it when visiting the museum.

  • Proof of your reservation, either a digital copy on your phone or a hard-copy print-out, must be presented to the museum staff at the entrance.
  • Reservations can be made only on this site. We do not accept reservations by phone.
  • Entry times are staggered in 60-minute increments. You may enter at any time within the designated time slot. Please do not come to the museum before the beginning of your designated time slot.
  • Once you enter the museum, the ticket is valid for the rest of the day, so you may stay and enjoy the exhibition until the museum closes.
  • Tickets of visitors who arrive more than 60 minutes after their allotted entry time will be invalidated.
  • You may make reservations for up to 5 people at a time. If you are a group of more than 5 people, please split your reservations. If you are informed during the reservation process that the limit has been reached for the number of reservations available for the same time slot, please try different time slots.

Please note

We will send an "order confirmation email" after purchase. Please ensure you can receive emails from etix.com.
Each QR code on a ticket admits one person. The ticket is valid for the specified date and time. No re-entry allowed.
Tickets cannot be altered or cancelled after purchase.
No refund on or reissue of this ticket will be provided.
Discounts for repeaters and those who have leaflet coupons, etc., are not available.
To prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the museum asks that individuals who meet any of the following criteria refrain from visiting the museum:
*You have a fever of 100 F (37.5℃) or higher, are coughing or sneezing, or have a runny nose.
*You feel unwell.
Temperatures will be taken at the entrance. Visitors with temperatures of 37.5℃ or higher will not be allowed to enter the museum.
Mask wearing is strongly recommended while inside the museum.
An alcohol-based hand sanitizer is placed at the entrance. Please sterilize your hands.
Keep a suitable distance from other people.
Refrain from conversation in the exhibition rooms.
Please do not touch the display cases, walls, or works of art.
No video recording, no photography except for certain works, and no writing implements other than pencils are allowed in the exhibition rooms.
Please refrain from talking on your phone in the exhibition rooms.
Food and beverages, including chewing gum and candy, are prohibited in the exhibition rooms.
Follow instructions of the staff.
No parking is available. Please use public transportation.
Ticket resale is prohibited.

Delivery / Payment

Delivery Method
On the day of your visit, please show your ticket by either method below at the entrance.
A museum staff will be scanning your ticket QR code then you can enter the museum.

  • Show Ticket on Smartphone


    Show ticket QR code on confirmation page after purchase or use the link received in your order confirmation email.
    Please ensure your phone has enough battery on the day of visit.
    One QR code will be displayed per person for each ticket.
  • Print At Home


    Print out ticket on confirmation page after purchase or print out later from the link received in your order confirmation email.
    Print out ticket on A4 or Letter size paper.
    Please confirm that the QR code and serial number are printed clearly on your ticket.
    Black and white printing is sufficient.

Payment Method

  • Pay by Credit Card


NoteFCredit Card Billing Statement will be recorded as "E-TIX ONLINE TICKET".


  • You cannot cancel after you have made your purchase.
    Please review carefully your ticket selection and billing information entered before submitting your order.
  • If the "Buy Tickets" button is not displayed after the on-sale period start time, please refresh the page or clear your browserfs cache (temporary Internet file) and open the Online Tickets page again.
  • Please complete your purchase within 15 minutes from displaying the Review Your Selection page. Please note that after 15 minutes your purchase will time-out and selected tickets will go back to inventory.
  • Please do not use multiple windows to process the purchase, or click on your browserfs back button. It may not process correctly.
  • A link to display your ticket will be emailed to you after purchase. Please add "ticket.e-tix.jp@etix.com" to your address book to ensure it gets delivered.